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A Message from Our CEO and Active Amazon Seller, Aaron Biner

As an active 7-figure Amazon seller, I’m in the trenches 365 days a year. My mission is to share my firsthand expertise with Amazon sellers and brand managers, providing tailored solutions that drive growth, optimize performance, and boost sales.

Think of us as your personal squad of e-commerce nerds, turning clicks into conversions without guesswork and wasted ad spend. From tailored PPC strategies to in-depth coaching sessions, creative optimization and account support– at Marketplace Nerd, you get all the tools, training, and support needed to master your Amazon PPC, optimize your campaigns, and skyrocket your sales this year.

We Solve Your Four Biggest Amazon Problems

Are your Amazon sales plummeting, with paid ads failing to generate impressions or sales? Struggling with challenging Amazon account issues? If you answered yes to any of these, it's time to get nerdy with your strategy. Marketplace Nerd dives deep into your Amazon strategy and offers common sense solutions with precision that big-box agencies can't match. Watch your traffic and conversions soar as your brand emerges.

Managed PPC Services

Discover a bespoke paid ads strategy for your product’s individual needs.

No matter the phase of your product’s life cycle, Marketplace Nerd has the PPC management solution.

Starting at $95 per hour

Expert Coaching Advice

Unlock expert help to navigate the Amazon ecosystem with ease.

Whether optimizing efficiency, implementing our proven seller strategies, or crafting a winning launch strategy, we bring a fresh perspective to every aspect of your Amazon journey.

Starting at $125 per hour


Account Troubleshooting

Unlock hands-on account troubleshooting with personalized solutions to overcome any hurdles hindering your Amazon success.

From keyword research to catalog optimization, Amazon appeals, POAs, flat files, and more—we tackle every aspect of your Amazon journey so you can focus on growing your business.

Starting at $95 per hour

Amazon Listing Optimization

Unleash creative solutions to elevate your Amazon presence.

From compelling listing copywriting and advanced SEO and eye-catching graphic design, we tailor our services to showcase your brand in the most captivating and conversion-worthy way.

Ask us about our pricing.

We’ve Helped Dozens of Brands Scale Organically On Amazon

PPC is simply Complicated. I thought I Knew what I was doing, but I was really just giving Amazon $250,000 a year in MY PROFITS. With Aaron’s advice, I was able to turn my brand around and add over $300,000 in profits to my pockets. Humble yourself and realize you know absolutely nothing about PPC, get on a few calls and change your business today.

Sebastian B. 

Amazon Private Label Seller 



I’ve always been reluctant in hiring external consultants to do a job we should be able to do internally. For example, managing our performance marketing campaigns. Mainly because of the belief that they don’t have the business sensibility to do it right. Working with Aaron has proven me wrong time and time again. The scientific and numerical approach, together with the marketplace expertise he has shared with us, is priceless and has been crucial for the 3 digit growth we have right now. 


Daniel L

Osoji Robotics


Aaron has been around the Amazon industry for a long time.  Through changes, differing trends, and as other thought leaders come and go, Aaron continues to drive real leadership in the industry through quality practices, relationships, and expertise


Tim Jordan

Carbon 6 & Amazon Consultant Veteran

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Through our tailored PPC management, expert coaching, hands-on account troubleshooting, and creative listing optimization, Marketplace Nerd is on a mission to transform your Amazon strategy and scale your business profitably. Ready to take your Amazon game to the next level? Get started with these three simple steps.

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